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Green River Pedigree

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The Green River pedigree is considered to contain between 1600-2400 comic books that were amassed by brothers William and Robert Stevens in the 1960s from their father's pharmacy in Spokane, Washington.  The collection surfaced in two phases, the first batch of approximately 800 comic books being sold over the course of a year by William to local store owner Craig Barnett in the mid 80s.  The balance of nearly 1650 comic books came to market through William Stevens lawyer after William's death and was purchased by John Hauser and James Haack.  The collection was offered for sale in 1993 and consisted of high grade Silver Age Marvels & DC as well as some Gold Key including nearly full runs of Silver Age Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Dardevil, Fantasric Four and other titles with many having multiple(up to nine known copies of some).  The pedigree is one of the more easily recognizeable due to the red date stamp that can be found on the books and the off the shelf quality of the comics.  William Stevens was a suspect in the 1980s Green River murders(later taken off the list of suspects), hence the name for the pedigree.

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Daredevil #26


Daredevil #28


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