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eBay Auctions

Fantastic Four 36 * CGC SS 6.5 * 1st Medusa, Frightful Four * Signed by Stan Lee
1st appearance of Medusa, The Frightful Four

Fantastic Four 46 * CGC SS 6.5 * 1st Black Bolt * Signed by Stan Lee, Sinnott!
1st appearance of Black Bolt

Amazing Spider-Man 121 & 122 * CGC SS 7.5 * Signed by Stan Lee, Romita, Kane, Co
Both copies signed by five creators!!

Superman 263 * CGC SS 9.6 * Iconic cover * Signed by Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson
Iconic Bronze Age cover signed by two DC legends

Detective Comics 168 * CBCS 3.0 Con * Origin of the Joker * Signed by Bob Kane!
Origin of the Joker!!

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